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Feb 10

Gun Safe Tips

Shopping for gun safes can be a little bit confusing, but with some research and free time, the process can be much less painful. When I first started shopping for gun safes, I just looked at the major manufacturer safes like GunVault safes, Fort Knox safes, Grizzly safes, Patriot safes, and Cannon safes. Then I realized that unless I had a whole lot of money, then I needed to look at something else.  The problem that I ran into next was that you get what you pay for, and the cheaper safe manufacturers were providing poor quality. Then I came across Oxbow Cannon safes. These safes can be found a These gun safes are built by cannon exclusively for Security Safe Outlet, but the cost a fraction of the amount that the other manufacturers are charging. Also these safes are actually a higher quality then the normal Cannon safes. They are deeper so they are less likely to tip over, they also provide thicker doors, and they are more fire resistant than regular Cannon safes.